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Who is affordable housing for?

Wide differences in approach to the future of social housing and of social housing providers were exposed in a Guardian Live online debate yesterday. The debate, entitled ‘Who is affordable housing for?’ included a range of housing association representatives and … Continue reading

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Regeneration or Gentrification?

How to improve housing conditions in an area whilst keeping the cost of living there within the reach of people on low incomes has been a key issue in housing for as long as I can remember, and especially in London. In the … Continue reading

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80,000 children in temporary accommodation

The homelessness ‘safety net’ suffered another blow last week when Westminster Council decided to prevent homeless households from bidding for social housing for 12 months after the Council accepts it has a duty towards them. The Council plans to discharge … Continue reading

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SHOUT campaign for social housing off to a great start

The SHOUT campaign (social housing under threat) got off to a great start with a successful launch event in Parliament last night. Speakers from the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green parties spoke in support of the importance of social rented … Continue reading

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Lazy, facile, and correct

Well, if Mr Jamie Ratcliff, a £100,000 a year housing official at the Greater London Authority, is right, Red Brick is ‘lazy’ and ‘facile’ in our opposition to the ‘Affordable Rent’ programme. Fortunately we are not alone, being joined by an increasing number … Continue reading

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What are housing associations for? (part 4)

I have been taken to task (gently and politely) on the Guardian website by Brendan Sarsfield, the chief executive of Family Mosaic and current chair of the G15 group of large housing associations, for my blog criticising housing associations for … Continue reading

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Time for raised voices

An excellent opinion piece on 24 Housing last week by Tony Stacey reminds me just how supine – and in parts, complicit – the housing industry has become. From the off, Red Brick has objected to, criticised, parodied, and been … Continue reading

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So what’s not to like about social renting?

I have posted below my contribution to the CIH series of essays on ‘Where is housing heading?’, which is published today. It’s therefore a longer-than-usual post. The essay presents the core arguments in favour of social rented housing and the urgent … Continue reading

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Miliband drags private renting into the 21st century at last

Today Ed Miliband rides to the rescue of ‘Generation Rent’ – taking the boldest of steps and bringing together a number of Labour’s big themes – by promising thorough reform of the private rented sector. Tackling the cost of living crisis, … Continue reading

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Obituary: Richard Crossley OBE

The first chief executive of the National Tenant Voice, set up by Labour but abolished by the Coalition Government shortly after the last election, has died of the rare peritoneal cancer aged 64. We were friends for 42 years. Having … Continue reading

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