Some further proof, if it were needed

Regular readers will have noted that we think that Clegg, Cameron and Shapps’ denials on housing benefits changes are rubbish.  Despite their claims, the changes will force lower-income people to move and make some areas ‘no go’ for poorer families. They will fatally undermine London’s mixed communities and force more people on lower incomes into specific neighbourhoods and areas.

This is inconsistent with the Tories professed desire to tackle ‘sink estates’ and concentrations of poverty in social housing.

Shelter have published a map of which areas of London will be affordable after the HB changes and how they shrink over time. I haven’t looked at the sources, but it’s further support for those of us worried about deprivation becoming ever more concentrated in specific areas – exacerbating the disadvantages of worklessness, low aspiration, poorer educational attainment etc.

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