A Man’s a Man For A’ That

I could try to make a link but it’s nothing to do with housing really.  It is Burns night, and my friend Billy Rae sent me this that I thought I would share. 

It reflects the mood of the times, from the Burns’ poem ‘Why Should We Idly Waste Our Prime’.

Why should we idly waste our prime
Repeating our oppressions?
Come rouse to arms! ‘Tis now the time
To punish past transgressions.
‘Tis said that Kings can do no wrong —
Their murderous deeds deny it,
And, since from us their power is sprung,
We have a right to try it.
Now each true patriot’s song shall be: –
‘Welcome Death or Libertie!’

The Golden Age we’ll then revive:
Each man will be a brother;
In harmony we all shall live,
And share the earth together;
In Virtue train’d, enlighten’d Youth
Will love each fellow-creature;
And future years shall prove the truth
That Man is good by nature:
Then let us toast with three times three
The reign of Peace and Libertie!

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3 Responses to A Man’s a Man For A’ That

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  2. Dan Filson says:

    You omitted the lines that included:
    “The guillotine on Peers shall wait;
    And Knights shall hang in garters.
    Such wretched minions of a Crown
    Demand the people’s vengeance!”
    I look forward to this.

  3. daftaida says:

    Wonderful words and relevant to any form of ‘lordship’ including and and especially the Land-Lordship, feudal system (never went – about to make a visible return) which made and makes slaves of us all. Behind the words may lurk a freemasonic brotherhood objective which too, will be most keenly felt in the council-run Lord Mayorships being proposed (enacted) under UN Agenda 21 and worked through with Common Purpose objectives. So, your instincts are spot on in linking Burns with housing.

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