You can’t move for housing policy in Liverpool.

 I’m spending a few days at the Labour Party Conference this week and it’s remarkable how much focus there is on housing. Over the coming days delegates and visitors can attend:

  •  2020 Vision: Housing, with IPPR and Family Mosaic
  • Are we still in it together: Welfare and Housing Reform Strategies, from Moat
  • Homes For The Future – reviewing possibilities for Labour’s housing policy from the Labour Housing Group and SERA
  • Housing Associations and Local Government: Partnerships for Change, from the Smith Institute and L+Q.
  • Housing the Nation- Making the case for better homes, from Places for People
  • Building our future: Will planning and housing reform deliver the communities we want? from the TCPA
  • A Tale of Two Cities: The impact of housing reform in Liverpool and London, from the Peabody Trust
  • Social Housing: Fixing the current mess, from Policy Exchange.
  • How will we deliver affordable housing in the future and improve people’s lives? From Hyde Group

 And these are just the events going on during the few days I’m here and don’t include planning related events. I don’t envy Caroline Flint and Alison Seabeck who are succeeding on covering all of these – all credit to them for engaging with such a wide range of topics, organisations and members.

 Conference delegates have also just voted to make housing one of only four motions to debate this week.

 As I said, you can’t move for housing policy at this conference.

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