Burying Bad News

For those Red Brick readers not on twitter, you may have missed the piece of news the government tried to hide under its housing strategy. After a reasonable amount of media interest and a few good reports on housing on Newsnight and Channel Four news in recent days, the mainstream media didn’t give any attention to the impact that the coalition is already having on housing and affordable housing. It’s worse really than many critics (me included) imagined.

The number of new affordable homes being built for the first half of this year have fallen by 97% on the same time last year, to a mere 454 homes:

It can’t be a surprise that unemployment is rising, when one of our most labour-intensive industries is collapsing.

The government can’t blame that on the Eurozone.

Link to the official statistical release is here.

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2 Responses to Burying Bad News

  1. Beth says:

    But surely this is a reflection of the quagmire that is the definition of ‘affordable’ and the lack of discussion on it between the HCA, the HAs and the councils. Now watch the gov’t blame it on councils (Any bets?)

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