One Billion people live in slums

One Billion people live in slums, and the number is growing each year.  Read about and support Homeless International’s End World Slums campaign.

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Homeless International supports slum dwellers to improve their lives and find lasting solutions to urban poverty.  It is the only UK charity devoted to the challenge of housing and basic services in slums.

HI’s Vision is a world in which all people can exercise their right to land, basic services and shelter. Shelter is more than a house: it is a space for privacy, economic activity, social care and personal fulfilment.  HI helps communities transform slums by supporting them to work together to secure land, build homes, access safe water and sanitation, and negotiate with governments – ensuring that they have a voice that gets heard.

HI helps slum dwellers by supporting the development of local organisations in Arica and Asia, which have their roots in poor communities. These organisations often grow from small social movements into self-reliant organisations that are able provide shelter and basic services solutions that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

HI believes that sustainable solutions to homelessness can be created only if people have access to land, finance, information, organisation and technology – and if they have an opportunity to play a lead role in designing solutions that work for them.

HI was formed following the 1987 United Nations’ International Year of Shelter for the Homeless as a permanent UK based organisation with the specific remit of supporting community-led shelter and settlement initiatives in the developing world.

HI sends grants to partner organisations in Africa and Asia to develop and implement initiatives that tackle urban poverty. This work is funded by a range of donors including many housing organisations, the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID), Comic Relief, Big Lottery Fund and the European Commission.

You can join HI as an individual or as an organisation.  Find out more about the work of Homeless International here.  

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4 Responses to One Billion people live in slums

  1. efgd says:

    There may be no need for you and I to elaberate between slum housing, over crowding and a hight death rate. Some folks see that as part of social evolution others see it as an issues to combat.

    Now if Aid for africa exacts what you say it does then maybe one can take up your argument and consider such implications and if it is applicable to stop them. Bear in mind there will be those who advocate that the actions you describe are desirable and will benefit all in the end. However, if what really happens is actually what Homes International says it does, then there ensues a different debate. Clarity and debate are bedfelows, most of the time, so welcome to my world dear heart, I have not been called m’dear for eons, quite liked it.

  2. DaftAida says:

    This is a UN initiative. As such it is toothless as to objectives. As such it is in support of the depopulation and equalisation agenda of the UN and Agenda 21. These NGO’s do get public funding. Far better to see demonstrable improvements on the ground in UK before begging to overpile bulging coffers for whatever reasons. The picture depicts our future, under UN objectives.

    • efgd says:

      How does this support depopulation? The population will continue unless there is a famine of such magnitude , or a natural and or man caused disaster, that causes a stagnation and decline of procreation in certain countries. The birth rate chart shows this has not yet happened:

      Now if you really mean charity should begin at home then one can move onto different schemata’s.

      • DaftAida says:

        Well of course I mean that which is obvious. What I am highlighting about this organisation’s PR is that the language used throughout any UN (global) initiative is deceptive. Aid for Africa means: vaccine programme aimed at sterilisation, disability and death by collapse of immune and central nervous systems. Herding communities off valuable land and into camps where they spend miserable days awaiting handouts until disease and death claim them. There! Problem solved; the stats will show a susbtaintial reduction in disease, famine and poverty concurrent with the death rates of those they are purporting to ‘aid’. Be that via housing, family planning or vaccination programmes as a guise.

        As the once ‘great’ Britain buckles under the strain of foreign policies contrary to the Common Laws and will of the people, we surely have enough to contend with without these nefarious UN foundations manipulating our emotions to give, give give more for their greed. Ozzy’s death knell for the remaining notion of social housing (what Guv hired to provide) as everything is being sold off to the private sector. Affordable Housing looks just like the slum picture presented in the begging letter; that’s all many if not most people will be able to afford.

        Surely there’s no need to elaborate upon the relationship between slum housing and overcrowding and a high death rate. Clear, m’dear?

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