Silly season for house prices

OK so it is the silly season in politics. Ed Miliband went on holiday – big story. David Cameron went on holiday – even bigger story because he was photographed with his top off. The Daily Express reported on a cure for cancer and a conspiracy to murder Princess Diana. House prices went up again. Homelessness went up again. Eric pickles talked about bins. Various TV companies filled the schedules with documentaries about carefully selected poor people and people desperate for a home.

But it was New Statesman that provided the highlight of the month by reporting on a game produced by UsvsTh3m which asks you to guess the price of various houses.  The game randomly provides pictures of 10 houses that have recently been sold, and you have to insert the price. After 10 goes, you get a score.

After a lifetime working in housing all over the country, my score was depressingly low. House prices are either much higher or much lower than I think. Generally they were higher than I thought all over the country. I seemed to be more accurate in London just by assuming every property was worth more than a million.

So I eventually managed a score of about 70% after previous goes getting around 60%.

Have a go and see how you do. It is genuinely illuminating and shows how bonkers the Government is to try to engineer another house price bubble before the Election.

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