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Why Labour needs to get serious about community housing

Red Brick is delighted to publish a guest blog by the St. Ann’s Redevelopment Trust (StART), the community land trust in Haringey, about the work they are doing and the broader case for CLTs. Across the capital, Labour councils have … Continue reading

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Tenants and the homeless must not be made to pay for the tower block fire safety crisis

I have found it hard to comment on the Grenfell Tower disaster. Words cannot convey the horror of it, and everything I tried to write felt hopelessly inadequate. Others succeeded where I failed, and I would recommend thoughtful pieces penned … Continue reading

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Housing waits on a new minister – and the deal with the DUP

Below is my piece for the Guardian Housing Network yesterday. A new Housing Minister is yet to be appointed and we have to wait and see if the negotiations between the Tories and the DUP have any implications for housing … Continue reading

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GE2017: At last someone talks seriously about housing

There may be good reasons – in particular murder and mayhem on our streets – but another Election has passed in which housing has been the dog that didn’t bark. Sadly too late to have the impact it deserves in … Continue reading

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The myth of the war between generations: the Tories punish them all equally

As campaigning was temporarily suspended today in memory of the murdered MP Jo Cox, many will recall her watchwords ‘There is more that unites us than divides us.’ There have been lots of phoney wars in this election, especially with … Continue reading

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Dissolution disillusion

In a splendid journalistic error*, the Times reported that Sir Eric Pickles is expected to be given a seat in the House of Lords ‘as part of Mrs May’s disillusion honours list’. It may of course have been a deliberate … Continue reading

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Why I care so much about housing associations: they will be critical to delivering Jeremy Corbyn’s housebuilding target

While Boris Johnson mutters inanely about mugwumps, Jeremy Corbyn has tried hard to raise the housing issue in the election over the last couple of days and has started to trail Labour’s manifesto commitment to build a million homes. Despite … Continue reading

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It is critically important that housing associations rediscover their mission of meeting housing need

Below is the article I wrote for the Guardian this week on the changing role of housing associations, following a series of articles by the Guardian’s John Harris. The article has caused a lot of interest, including nearly 400 shares … Continue reading

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Ambition to Build

Below is my contribution to the Spring Edition of Fabian Review, Ambition to Build. Labour has a strong set of policies which command a lot of support across the Party, but we need to do more to ensure that our … Continue reading

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Don’t hold your breath, Theresa May tells homeless

A Parliamentary Question on homelessness today from Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh either caught the Prime Minister unbriefed or showed how totally complacent she is about the growing numbers of people being left without a home. McDonagh’s question (view here) came … Continue reading

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