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Talking aspiration

The most over-used and least defined word of the moment is ‘aspiration’. Some Labour leadership candidates use it in almost every sentence. Not understanding it cost Labour the election says Alan Johnson and many others, including Alan Milburn, who must … Continue reading

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Labour must nail the lies about the deficit and debt

One of the first questions that all the Labour leadership contenders have been asked by journalists – it’s almost like it is co-ordinated – was “did Labour spend too much before the 2010 Election?” The journalists know it puts the … Continue reading

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Nepal Earthquake appeals

 The beauty of Nepal, from Richard Crossley’s collection. The twin earthquakes in Nepal have been devastating, with huge loss of life, infrastructure and homes. Nepal was already the 16th poorest country in the world. Emergency aid from the UK has … Continue reading

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Be wary of those who say they already know why Labour lost

Those who have been quickest into print or on to the airwaves after the awful defeat on 7 May are not to be trusted. For them there is no period of reflection, no attempt to consider their own fixed views … Continue reading

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A clash of values

In an important interview Ed Miliband yesterday spelled out the contents of Labour’s first Queen’s Speech. Speaking to the Guardian he tried to refocus the Election back on to policy and away from the appalling England v Scotland tactics we … Continue reading

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The super rich push out the rich push out the middle class push out the poor. Welcome to London the Global City.

Attending Hustings meetings in and around the area where I live – central and inner west London – is a depressing business. The fact that the meetings I have attended are in marginal seats tells me that the population there … Continue reading

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The hypocrisy of Mr Clegg

Ed Miliband exploded housing onto the Election agenda today with his speech about Labour’s proposals for the private rented sector.(previously discusssed on Red Brick for example here and here). It provoked some ridiculous responses, some stupid responses, and some downright … Continue reading

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Extreme value properties: tax them or sell them off?

I attended a Hustings event in a Catholic church in North West London. For me, the most remarkable point of a quite entertaining evening was when the priest rose to ask a question. What would it be? Poverty? Food banks? … Continue reading

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Tories merge with Poundland

The Tory Manifesto was plainly written by Poundland, using the old Tesco mantra ‘pile it high and sell it cheap’. The Tories have nothing to say to tenants – literally. Their housing policy for one tenure only – home ownership … Continue reading

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Labour Manifesto: For housing, it’s a couple of steps in the right direction

No housing surprises were expected in the Labour Party Manifesto, launched this morning by Ed Miliband. And no surprises was what we got. All of the housing policies have been previously announced and widely trailed. There is a strong reliance … Continue reading

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