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Why I care so much about housing associations: they will be critical to delivering Jeremy Corbyn’s housebuilding target

While Boris Johnson mutters inanely about mugwumps, Jeremy Corbyn has tried hard to raise the housing issue in the election over the last couple of days and has started to trail Labour’s manifesto commitment to build a million homes. Despite … Continue reading

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It is critically important that housing associations rediscover their mission of meeting housing need

Below is the article I wrote for the Guardian this week on the changing role of housing associations, following a series of articles by the Guardian’s John Harris. The article has caused a lot of interest, including nearly 400 shares … Continue reading

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Ambition to Build

Below is my contribution to the Spring Edition of Fabian Review, Ambition to Build. Labour has a strong set of policies which command a lot of support across the Party, but we need to do more to ensure that our … Continue reading

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Don’t hold your breath, Theresa May tells homeless

A Parliamentary Question on homelessness today from Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh either caught the Prime Minister unbriefed or showed how totally complacent she is about the growing numbers of people being left without a home. McDonagh’s question (view here) came … Continue reading

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The mother of all monopolies

Even with the most knowledgeable of housing audiences, eyes tend to glaze over whenever the issue of land is raised. To most it is just a huge expense and a barrier to building more homes. Not many people understand how … Continue reading

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A basic right of citizenship

This week saw the 40th anniversary of the death of Anthony Crosland. He served as a Cabinet Minister in the 1960s and 1970s Labour Governments, including as Foreign Secretary (dying in Office in 1977), President of the Board of Trade, … Continue reading

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Radical solutions to the housing supply crisis – or just common sense?

Duncan Bowie displays his encyclopaedic knowledge of planning and housing in his excellent new book ‘Radical Solutions to the Housing Supply Crisis’, much of which is derived from the work of the ‘Highbury Group’ of planning academics and practitioners that … Continue reading

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Housing white paper: Government reinvents the wheel

Here are some initial reactions to the White Paper published today, having also listened to Sajid Javid’s statement at lunchtime.  Almost every news programme and every newspaper has previewed the Housing White Paper, published today, in excitable terms, building expectations … Continue reading

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Asylum seekers’ accommodation: something for US to be ashamed about

In a week when there was a lot to be ashamed about, and especially the supine performance of the Prime Minister during and following her visit to Trump, today’s report of the Home Office Select Committee on the accommodation provided … Continue reading

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Leasehold reform back on the political agenda

By Dermot Mckibbin Just before Christmas Conservative MP Peter Bottomley and Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick, the two joint chairs of the all-Parliamentary Group on Leasehold and Commonhold reform, secured a rare debate in the House of Commons on leasehold reform. … Continue reading

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