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Why doesn’t Kensington & Chelsea council want to assume direct management control of its own housing stock?

By Ross Fraser In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, many local residents expressed the view that the outsourcing of housing management and (in part) major works programmes to the KCTMO had contributed to the disaster.  They also called … Continue reading

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The strange case of a government housing policy that won’t happen

By Ross Fraser Everyone in the sector will recall the surprise late insertion into the 2015 Conservative election manifesto of a policy to extend the right to buy to housing association tenants – funded by the enforced sale of council … Continue reading

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Nobody’s Perfect

By Ross Fraser “Nobody’s perfect” (Closing line of Some Like It Hot: Billy Wilder 1959) Red Brick readers will be familiar with local authority concerns about the lack of alignment between new housing association supply and the social rent housing … Continue reading

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Tories try to steal Labour clothes

Investing in council housing was just one of the new policies that Theresa May pinched from Labour in her disastrous speech. Tackling student debt, mental health, energy prices and even organ donations all figured in the list of stolen policies … Continue reading

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Where will the money come from for Labour’s housing plans?

Labour was under scrutiny at its conference last week for the announcement of supposedly costly policies that can only be funded by tax increases or extra borrowing. One such promise of course was to end PFI contracts, and it was … Continue reading

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Not much controversy here

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to Labour Party Conference on Wednesday has caused a bit of a stir, notably his comments on regeneration and rent control. So what did he actually say and are they new departures? He said a lot about … Continue reading

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Investment to beat the housing crisis

Current policy of increasing reliance on the private rented sector and allowing the stock of sub-market rental housing to dwindle is not “fiscally sustainable and economically efficient” says the SHOUT** campaign in its submission to the 2017 Budget. SHOUT’s core … Continue reading

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Why Labour needs to get serious about community housing

Red Brick is delighted to publish a guest blog by the St. Ann’s Redevelopment Trust (StART), the community land trust in Haringey, about the work they are doing and the broader case for CLTs. Across the capital, Labour councils have … Continue reading

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Who will pay to reclad the tower blocks?

Media coverage of the Grenfell Tower fire has been dogged by confusion as to where the money came from for the original work and who will pay for the remedial work now needed to the country’s tower blocks. This is … Continue reading

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Tenants and the homeless must not be made to pay for the tower block fire safety crisis

I have found it hard to comment on the Grenfell Tower disaster. Words cannot convey the horror of it, and everything I tried to write felt hopelessly inadequate. Others succeeded where I failed, and I would recommend thoughtful pieces penned … Continue reading

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