Housing Speakers

London Labour Housing Group has speakers available to visit CLP and Labour Party meetings to speak on housing in London and the ways to campaign on the issue.

Labour Housing Group nationally may also be able to help with a speaker in other areas of the country but may not be able to cover every area.

Housing is rising up the political agenda, with the desperate need for more affordable and social housing becoming ever more acute, deteriorating conditions in a stretched rented sector and high deposits barring most aspiring first time buyers from owning their own home.

The last general election and the local elections showed that campaigning on housing can have a decisive effect on winning seats and councils for Labour.

In the GE, Westminster North, Hammersmith and Eltham (to name but three) marginal Labour seats were held on the basis of vigorous campaigning on housing issues.

If your members want to debate the issues and how to convince more people on the doorstep, then email us on LHGspeakers@gmail.com.

  • We’ll do our best to attend every request, but can’t promise we can provide someone every time.
  • All speakers are available in a personal capacity and their views do not necessarily represent those of the Labour Housing Group.

One Response to Housing Speakers

  1. will 98 says:

    Perhaps in your speeches, you could address the issue of the dwp surveillance workers posing as council or social housing tenants. Several hundred properties are in the hands of these workers, paid for by the taxpayer. It’s entrapment and is top secret. Spy workers denying the homeless a
    home at a time when waiting lists and the cost of all housing is at an all time high.
    All parts of the uk are affected by an illegal policy of the dwp and if challenged under the FOI act, a “no comment” is the reply under section whatever lie we like to tell, is the response..

    Wil 98

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